Artists News The O Kız series is standing with its effective story and Erkan Petekkaya’s success!

The O Kız series is standing with its effective story and Erkan Petekkaya’s success!


The O Kız (That Girl) series, which is broadcast on Kanal D screen on Wednesday evenings, is a very lucky production in terms of creating its own audience. All his fans reveal with their social media shares that Erkan Petekkaya gave an acting recital with the character of Kadir in the O Kız series, which managed to stand on this difficult day with average ratings.

As O Kız series continues its journey on the screen with its breathless episodes, the power of the story is once again revealed. Among the very important productions such as Kuruluş Osman, Gecenin Ucunda, Tuzak Bir Peri Masalı and Hayat Bugün, The O Kız TV series managed to find its own audience.

Sezin Akbaşoğulları, who draws attention in the series, displays her talents again with the character of Sitare. Dilin Döğer was quite ascribed to the character of Zeynep.

Sitare’s new favorite Zeynep… The sixth episode of the series, which gives the audience a breathtaking viewing pleasure, was marked by Zeynep’s entry into the world of social media, Ozan’s difficulty in accepting this, and Sitare’s gift of Zeynep’s new life.

Zeynep’s rapid rise in the digital world and Sitare’s big gesture to her were on the agenda, and all the balances began to change. Zeynep, who was in front of the lens for the shooting, got a new social media account and found herself in a completely different world.

With this episode of the series, it was also talked about on social media. The scenes in which Ozan fell to the bottom and Zeynep rose quickly became the agenda on social media.

In the 6th episode of O Kız, two master actors Erkan Petekkaya and Macit Koper had a musical feast.