Series News ‘The Oath’ is getting beautiful every week!

‘The Oath’ is getting beautiful every week!


46 episodes of the series starring TolgaSarıtaş and AybükePusat were published.

Are you aware, ‘The Oath’ series is getting better every week. ‘The Oath’ series with the stolen loop processing of the script and the upcoming scenes of reality is one of the few productions that attract audiences on the screen …

The players are now confident of their own well-being, and they are used to military service. With the effect of this, the series now has a more professionalized acting quality in action scenes.

In addition, the sequence of the shooting of the directory and the shooting locations are brought closer to reality, and the audience insists on the screen every week.

With the participation of Derman and Ambassador characters, we are seeing even more action-packed scenes.

Audiences look forward to the new episode every week.