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5 July 2022 18:30


The opposite corner came from the Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey series. Who is the real traitor questions began to be asked!

Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, which was broadcast on Fox TV on Tuesday evenings, came to the screen with its 17th episode last night. While searching for the traitor within the company that leaked information to Bora, different relationships emerged.
In the 17th episode, which came to the screen last night, the surprise return of the character Songül, who had previously handled Azra’s case and filed for divorce because her husband Mithat had cheated on her, and asking for help from Azra, brought a different movement to the flow of the story.

The lawyer women of the Cevher family, who are looking for the traitor in the company, and Yıldırım and Erman, wait for Bora to fall into the trap after Azra’s plan. If Bora goes to the restaurant where Yıldırım is, it will be understood that the traitor İsmet is Funda if she goes to Azra’s.

There is an excited anticipation. And although Bora is a little late, he goes to the restaurant where Yıldırım is and it turns out that the traitor who leaked information to Bora is İsmet. Everyone is happy that they solved this without Bora’s understanding. Except, of course, Lightning. Despite Çolpan’s words “Let’s not reveal ourselves” after İsmet’s appearance, Yıldırım goes to Bora. Yıldırım has different plans and reckonings.

The “old friend” dialogue between Bora and Yıldırım is remarkable. Isn’t Bora the only one making plans to take over the company? Or did Yıldırım only know Bora from the past and wanted to intimidate him? However, Yıldırım’s speech and attitude with Erman the night before did not go unnoticed by the audience. A great deal of attention on social media is unanimous that Yıldırım is doing different things.

To find out the answers to these questions, we will have to wait for Episode 18, which will be released on Tuesday next week.

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