The presentation was goosebumps! Mezarlık, an icy thriller, is coming!
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5 October 2022 19:25


The presentation was goosebumps! Mezarlık, an icy thriller, is coming!

Birce Akalay, who achieved great success with Kuş Uçuşu (Birce Flight), is coming back this time with the film series Mezarlık (Cemetery).

The first presentation of Mezarlık, which will meet with the audience exactly one week later, has arrived. The creepy introduction of the Mezarlık signals that a successful production awaits especially thrillers.

The first episode of the Mezarlık movie series, starring Birce Akalay and Olgun Toker and directed by master director and producer Abdullah Oğuz, will be broadcast on Friday, June 17. The first promotion from the long-awaited Mezarlık has also been released.

The introduction of the Mezarlık is pretty creepy. The series, which draws attention to the brutal murders of women, looks like an extraordinary thriller.

In addition to being a thriller, the Mezarlık movie series will also give important messages about femicides in Turkey.

In the movie series, in which Birce Akalay plays the character of Chief Inspector Önem Özülkü, who was brought to the head of the Special Crimes Unit established in the Public Security Branch Directorate with her team to solve mysterious femicides; Olgun Toker, on the other hand, gives life to the role of Serdar Ata, the commissioner.

The Mezarlık, where we will watch the breathtaking struggles of the team to shed light on the murders of women in each movie of the series, is eagerly awaited.

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