The Promise series message from Gökberk Demirci!
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1 October 2022 22:20


The Promise series message from Gökberk Demirci!

The separation of Özge Yağız from the Promise series has been spoken by fans for weeks. The Promise , which had great success on Channel 7 screens, made its second season finale with its 245th episode on Friday.

In normal planning, it was decided to make the series final on June 19, but due to the coronavirus epidemic, the season finale was taken early. The gun pointed at Emir in the final episode exploded. But it is unknown whether Emir was shot.

However, many viewers were waiting for Reyhan character to die. It didn’t work like that. It is understood that the character of Reyhan will be included in the story in the third season. However, there is an impression that another person will portray the character.

Gökberk Demirci has published an emotional farewell message for his partner Özge Yağız, with whom he has accomplished this great success for two seasons.

Glowing with the character of Emir, Gökberk Demirci thanked the The Promise series. The actor used a photo with Özge Yağız, but did not mention the name of his partner who left the series in his message:

“For a Heart, a home that I have earned and will know the value of a lifetime. A dear audience, a devoted, devoted team that never withholds its support, always with us …

Thank you for many things The Promise , thank you The Promise family. Our esteemed viewers, who see us as a member of their family, and embrace you, are eternal to you.

Believe those who have been misunderstood, upset and broken, some of the sentences that have been established were those that concern a very small segment. I will be looking forward to reuniting on healthy days. With my love and respect.”

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