The prospect of Kalp Yarası making the finale moved the audience!
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5 October 2022 10:54


The prospect of Kalp Yarası making the finale moved the audience!

The Kalp Yarası series, broadcast on ATV screens, continues on its way among dozens of series, but the drop in ratings has brought the situation to a process that worries the audience! The series began airing in June.

The series, in which Gökhan Alkan and Yağmur Tanrısevsin play the leading roles, is appreciated for its story, as well as the on-screen harmonies of the duo. In addition to two popular TV series competing in the ratings, such as Üç Kuruş and Yasak Elma, Kalp Yarası continues to progress calmly but deeply.

The ratings of the series were much better in the summer season, but it went down in the season. Pointing out some of the flaws in the story, the audience is trying to contribute to the script so that it won’t be the finale!

In the category of all persons of the Kalp Yarası series, the 23rd episode of which was broadcast, the situation is somehow saved with the bone viewer.

However, after the ratings started to drop, the followers of the series on social media are trying to do their best to save the series and not to get on the final path by expressing their concerns.

The viewers, who have been following the series since the beginning, are trying to contribute to the story by asking the scriptwriters to return to the happy, in love state of Ayşe and Ferit as they used to be.

It is not known whether the screenwriters will hear these moves of the viewers who are not satisfied with the progress, but the audience is very worried when the ratings of the Heart Wound series begin to drop!

Although the channel has not made any decision regarding the finale, the audience, who is now curiously following the ratings of the TV series they watch on the screen, is starting to make their preliminary warnings. For this reason, the ratings of the new episode of the series are awaited with greater interest. Let’s see if there will be a rating that will lead ATV’s Kalp Yarası to the final decision, or will some developments that will be added to the story taking into account the audience’s request, be added as a savior? We will watch and see…

Here is the Heart Wound 24th episode trailer…

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