The rapprochement began in the series of Baş Belası, its effect was felt on social media
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27 November 2022 08:23


The rapprochement began in the series of Baş Belası, its effect was felt on social media

ATV’s TV series ‘Baş Belası’, produced by Fatih Enes Ömeroğlu and produced by ARC Film, came to the screen yesterday (Friday, 13 August) with its eighth episode. The series, which was watched with admiration, was among the most talked about social media with the hashtag #Independence.

In the ninth episode of the series, while Doruk was shot and taken into surgery, İpek blamed himself for what happened. Seeing İpek’s sadness, Şahin consoled İpek, while this process brought the two closer to each other.

Leaving Nermin in the hospital at the head of Doruk, İpek and Şahin started to investigate a suspicious death together with Umut. Unraveling the secrets behind the death of the teenager, who was found at the bottom of a cliff, was not easy. Şahin did not leave İpek, who was deeply affected by the murder, alone.

Nermin, who was anxiously waiting for Doruk to come to her senses, faced the fear of losing her and, realizing her feelings, decided to give her relationship with Doruk a chance. However, this situation had to be kept secret as the eyes of all security were on the two of them. Moreover, Yener Amir demanded that Doruk’s shooting be investigated and a report be obtained from İpek.

Şahin shared with İpek the information about the ‘Network’ given to him by the deputy prosecutor. Following the clue together, the duo went to the house of a businessman who would allow them to reach the ‘Network’. İpek and Şahin, who had to pretend to be a married couple to break into the house and do research, managed to get a new key. İpek and Şahin were shocked when this businessman they were after was killed by Şebeke’s operation.

‘Baş Belası’ will be on ATV with its eighth new episode on Friday, August 20th!

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