Series News The ratings are bad, the scenes are great! The Mahkum series is both disappointing and heady!

The ratings are bad, the scenes are great! The Mahkum series is both disappointing and heady!


The 28th episode of the Mahkum (Prisoner) series, which was broadcast on Fox TV screens on Thursday evenings, has passed and the audience started to warm up in the second season, which changed the story. The successful performance of Onur Tuna and İsmail Hacıoğlu is also appreciated on social media.

The Mahkum series is currently at the bottom of the ratings compared to its first season in which it achieved double-digit ratings. It is also known that Fox TV would not allow time until now if there was another series, but Mahkum has a feature such as making a splash.

With its exciting scenes and its new version with lots of action, the loyal audience of the Mahkum series is still on the screen and eagerly awaits the series. However, it should not be forgotten that the bone audience has decreased considerably.

Those who do not want the series to end early because of the ratings send thousands of messages to Fox TV via social media, but everyone knows well from previous experiences that this will not be very effective.

There are many viewers who say that each episode has a different element of excitement and curiosity and that they will be very upset if it ends early.

It is not easy for Fox TV to decide to end a quality series and a story that has had very successful results in the past. In fact, there are traces of the great successes of the past under their patience until now.

However, the rating results make it even more difficult for the Mahkum series to survive. Although the support given by the audience on social media is meaningful, it will not produce any results as it has no effect on the ratings.

There are many viewers who like the 28th episode of the Mahkum series and think that the excitement has increased and want the series to continue. But will the ratings allow it? How much longer will Fox TV endure the low incoming rates? These questions are on the minds of the audience.