The ratings of Kalp Yarası series have increased, the stress of September has decreased!
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27 November 2022 09:15


The ratings of Kalp Yarası series have increased, the stress of September has decreased!

“Kalp Yarası”, which left its mark on ATV’s Monday evenings, produced by Process Film, written by Sema Ali Erol, Mahir Erol and Türkükül Özgül Akad, and directed by Yıldız Hülya Bilban, appeared before the audience with its tenth episode.

The series topped the category of All People with the ratings it received. The new episode of ‘Kalp Yarası’ received the best ratings ever in the all-person category. It seems to be a very positive sign that the series is more intensely interested by the audience. The increase in the ratings in the AB and ABC1 categories was a significant plus. Finishing the day fourth in AB, the series took second place in ABC1.


Kalp Yarası starring Gökhan Alkan and Yağmur Tanrısevsin, although it was considered good for the summer season, there was some stress because of its not so good ratings for the winter season. In particular, the audience thought that the series could experience a serious decline with the arrival of new productions. But September also marked a good start for Kalp Yarası.

The fact that the 10th episode of the series was the first of the day and the ratings were above the average created a situation that also raised the morale of the team. Everything is fine in the series, which is also talked about on social media with the hashtag #BirSenVarsın…

‘Kalp Yarası’ will meet with the audience on Monday with its 11th new episode. The ratings of the new episode will also be followed closely.

So what happened in episode 10? With the intervention of Hüseyin, Hande’s speech was left unfinished. While Hande’s words confused Ferit, Ayşe, trying to understand what was going on, fell into doubt. Although he understood that Ferit was talking to Hande, he did not mention it.

In order for Ayşe to distract her mind, Ferit decided to open the cafe as soon as possible. Ayşe, who was very excited with this news, immediately started preparations. Ferit, investigating what he heard from Hande, learned the truth about Fırtına. On the other hand, Bahtiyar, who was chasing Ferit’s enemy with Adnan’s instruction, reached the images of Baha and Hüseyin together. While this situation caused Adnan to suspect Hüseyin, it made him think that Hüseyin might harm Ferit.

Although Zümrüt forced Hande to see a psychologist, Hande managed to escape. Yaman, on the other hand, took Hande to his house and prevented her from making a wrong decision. On the other hand, Betül, who wanted to celebrate Yaman’s birthday, was very disappointed when Yaman did not come to the meeting because of Hande.

While Ayşe continues the preparations for the cafe, Ayşe has a fear that Ferit is in constant communication with Hande. Sancakzadeler came together at the opening. When Ferit surprised her with his balloons in hand for the opening he was late, he made amends.

Unable to figure out what kind of problem Ferit had with Hande, Ayşe eventually misunderstood a conversation and therefore had a big argument with Ferit. This fight in the mountain house added a whole new dimension to the love of the duo.

Ferit, who finally found Baha’s, saved him despite Hüseyin’s plan to eliminate Baha. In this way, he would make Baha talk and learn everything. However, what Baha’s said after he regained consciousness was enough to shake everyone’s life deeply.

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