Series News The real big bang in the Sipahi series will start in the 6th episode! Kaan Yıldırım gave a tip!

The real big bang in the Sipahi series will start in the 6th episode! Kaan Yıldırım gave a tip!


The shooting of Sipahi, which is an alternative series on Monday nights and broadcast on Show TV, continues at an intense pace. There are many different opinions about the series on social media. There are many criticisms, especially because of the character of Canan in the screenwriter. There are not few who think that Canan, played by Özge Gürel, seems like an unnecessary role in the story.

There are also criticisms that the action scenes are not strong enough for the series in which Kaan Yıldırım and Kerem Alışık act as agents. In such a critical environment, the ratings of the Sipahi series continue to be below expectations.

It is not clear whether the series will come out of this troublesome process, but Özge Gürel said that she is satisfied with both the character of Canan and the comments of her fans. The actress said, “The feedback from the audience is good. The character is a different role for me. I think I’ve adapted quite a bit too. The audience is used to it now,” she said.

Özge Gürel, who explained that she liked her with her action situations on the screen, expressed that she also liked to watch the series. The actress entered the year 2023 peacefully.

Explaining that she started the new year with her family, relatives and friends, the actress wished that 2023 would be full of such beauties.

Kaan Yıldırım, who we watched with the character Korkut Ali, also mentioned that the shootings on the set were beautiful but intense. “We are enjoying it very much, we are happy,” the actor said.

Explaining that the excitement will increase in the next episodes, Kaan Yıldırım stated that after the 6th episode, things will accelerate and there will be exciting and tough episodes.

From the sixth episode, the stories will merge and the series is expected to appear before the audience with much more exciting scenes.

The lack of excitement and action was striking in the Sipahi series, which has been broadcast for 5 episodes so far.

Apparently, the series team will have seen this situation, and the screenwriters will increase the dose of the action in the story from the 6th episode.