The reality of Kerem Bürsin through the eyes of Hande Erçel!
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4 February 2023 07:46


The reality of Kerem Bürsin through the eyes of Hande Erçel!

The drama “Love is in the Air” continues to meet the audience on Wednesday evenings. The production, which started as a summer series, seems to continue throughout the season. With its ratings and social media reflections, the Fox TV series is one of the most successful romantic comedy productions of recent years.

Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin’s energies were also very positive. Viewers loved this drama couple and are happy to see them on screen. So what happens on the set? What does Hande Erçel think about her partner Kerem Bürsin? The answers to these questions were given in the October issue of the famous actress Maria Claire magazine.

Hande Erçel answered the question about her partner as follows: “I am having such fun with him. Kerem is a partner that really motivates people, raises you with devotion and energy. For example, it makes the whole team smile regardless of the conditions on the set. I think this harmony we have caught is because we have a lot of fun together. ”

Hande Erçel also loved the character Eda, which she played. Unable to list the features of this character, the actress seems to have internalized her role.

Hande Erçel said: “Eda aroused great joy in me when I read the script. Life energy is incredibly high. Being a woman with a positive outlook on life, knowing what she wants and going on it. Find strength in yourself, stubbornness, fervriness. There are many aspects of Eda that I want to count like these. I enjoy both playing and being on the set. This is a very precious thing. I always have a desire to run and go to the set. We work on this work with an incredible team. Each unit is committed to this. ”

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