The reality showing that ATV's Adı Sevgi series is heading towards the finale!
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30 September 2022 21:51


The reality showing that ATV’s Adı Sevgi series is heading towards the finale!

The situation of the new TV series titled Adı Sevgi (Name is Love), which is airing on Sunday evenings, does not look good at all. With the start of Ramadan, the decrease in television viewing rates affects many TV series badly. The situation points to a worse point, especially for TV series that can hardly stand.

One of these TV series is Adı Sevgi. The situation of the series, whose 5th new episode was broadcast on Sunday, April 10, does not look good when the ratings are taken into consideration. The TV series Adı Sevgi has not been able to attract the attention of the audience in AB and ABC1 groups since the day it started. However, the series has a strong supporter group in the all-person category.

The first 4 episodes of the TV series Adı Sevgi were promising with slightly above average ratings in the category of all people. However, in the fifth chapter, a serious problem arose in this premise as well. The series, which was well below the average in the category of all people, dropped to a low point that ATV could not accept with its AB and ABC1 performances.

Adı Sevgi, starring Gizem Güneş and Yunus Emre Yıldırımer and standing out as a story of hope, unfortunately fell far short of expectations in terms of ratings.

While the fifth episode of the series ranked seventh in all people, it was able to take the seventeenth place in the AB. The low ratings for the ATV series, which finished the ABC1 group in the eleventh place, strengthened the possibility of a final.

For many television channels, continuing a series with such low rates means great damage and if the ratings do not improve, the channels have to cancel the series. It has to be said that this possibility also appears for Adı Sevgi.

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