The reasons for the love of The Ambassador’s Daughter
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23 March 2023 04:49


The reasons for the love of The Ambassador’s Daughter

The Ambassador’s Daughter series, which continues shooting in Muğla, was one of the most beautiful surprises of 2020. Engin Akyürek, Neslihan Atagül and Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, starring many important actors in the series.

One of these names is Hivda Zizan Alp, who plays the character of Elvan. Hivda Zizan Alp also adopted this character. Speaking to the evening newspaper, the actress stated that Elvan has a very different energy than her.

The actress stated that she has similar aspects with this character and said: “I would like to be like him, but I am a more introverted person. Nevertheless, there are many moments when I am “dandy”. This aspect is very similar to Elvan. Sometimes I can tell the other side by pinching a joke that I can’t hold myself. ”

Elvan is an orphan child and this situation affected Hivda Zizan Alp very much. The actress said, “Unfortunately, children without parents start a zero defeat to life. Elvan is one of those children. ”

The most important feature that derelictism adds to Elvan is that it is strong… A woman who laughs firmly is Elvan. These aspects also affected Hivda very much. She liked the character very much when she first read the script.

Hivda Zizan Alp said, “When I first read the Elvan character, I understood how sincere and frank it was. I immediately established my bond with it. I knew from the very beginning that we had a future. ”

The actor explained the factors underlying the success of The Ambassador’s Daughter series as follows:

“A sincere scenario, a regime that places realism, players who care about team spirit and a strong production.”

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