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21 May 2022 18:58


The reputation of the Yargı series has crossed borders, success news is coming together!

Kanal D has brought the audience together with very ambitious series for the last two seasons, and one of them was Yargı (Judgment)… The series, in which Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu took the lead roles, came to the fore with its original story. The story that Sema Ergenekon created based on her observations at the Palace of Justice, which lasted 2 years, is progressing very successfully.

This important debut of the Yargı series continues to find value not only in our country but also abroad. The series Yargı, which reached a wide audience by meeting with the audience in the MENA region, which is used for the Middle East and North Africa, also began to impress the audiences in different continents and different cultures.

In the comments made on social media, you can see that many foreign TV series fans are interested in Yargı and follow each episode carefully. Particularly in Latin America, there is a serious audience interest in the Yargı.

In the announcement made by Kanal D, the countries where the Yargı series were broadcast were announced. It was sold to countries such as Puerto Rico, USA, Spain, Chile, Israel, Cyprus, Romania and Georgia. The series, which will be broadcast in Latin America as a result of the agreement with HBO Maş, also increased the number of viewers with the sales made to the MENA region.

These countries finally joined Greece. In this country, which has shown great interest in Turkish TV series, the excitement of the series Yargı will now be experienced.

Being marketed abroad by Madd Entertainment, Yargı became one of the productions that attracted great attention at MIPTV, the world’s largest content fair.

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