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4 July 2022 09:04


The responsibility of the Alparslan series is heavier for Barış Arduç than the set fatigue!

Barış Arduç, who plays the leading role in the Alparslan series broadcast on TRT1 on Monday evenings, said that they continue to work at a busy pace towards the end of the season.

Speaking about the series, which aired 24 episodes and is expected to make the season finale as of the 28th episode, the actress said, “We are there six days a week. The rest of the time I spend at home. I don’t have time to go out,” he said.

Stating that he is well and in good spirits, Barış Arduç is also very happy to be in the Alparslan series. Talking about the beautiful setting, the actor explained that they have a very different set environment due to the fact that it is a historical TV series.

The actor said, “Good, horses, swords etc… It has physical difficulties in itself, but I entered knowing that. We are telling a very important story. We are talking about our own history. It was also good for the audience. It’s great to get their appreciation. For now, everything is going well, we are in good spirits,” he said.

Stating that working in every job is the biggest key, Barış Arduç said that it is not difficult for this reason and that they attach great importance to the project.

Reminding that they prepared for 4 months before the shooting of the Alparslan Great Seljuk TV series began, the actor said, “After all that preliminary preparation, it goes a little easier. Of course, the responsibility of playing Alparslan is heavy, so this challenge also feeds and motivates me.”

Stating that they will take a break from the Alparslan series, the actor said that he will be on the set for the second season of the Netflix series Club.

Explaining that he will be busy this year and that he will be on the set for the Alparslan series right after the shooting of the TV series Club, Barış Arduç added that he enjoys taking part in both series and that he is not bothered by working nonstop.

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