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12 August 2022 15:49


The savior of the Aziz series came from outside Turkey!

The Aziz series, which made its season finale on Show TV last night, has been talked about for a while as the channel’s high probability of making a final due to its low ratings. The audience, who watched the series starring Murat Yıldırım and Simay Barlas, eagerly awaited the decision to be made.

For a while, the audience eagerly awaited the decision to be made between the questions of whether it will make the final or will it continue. It was observed that the ratings of the series dropped significantly during Ramadan. However, this situation, which was experienced with many TV series, caused the channel to wait with the thought that it would change with the end of Ramadan.

In this process, this question was asked to Murat Yıldırım, the lead role of the series. The actor also said that they did not know whether they would make the final, and that the channel would decide according to the ratings to come. Even Murat Yıldırım was not sure whether the series would make the season finale or the finale.

As such, it turned into a difficult wait for the audience. However, with the publication of the promotion of the Aziz series during the week, the audience also sprinkled water. While the new episode trailer of the series was given with the phrase ‘season finale’, it was stated that it was the season finale from Show TV’s social media accounts.

There is another reality behind the camera. Although the ratings of the Aziz series were lower than expected, the channel decided to continue the series in the second season. The reason for this was that Aziz attracted attention abroad. While it was said that the ratings would be waited and decided in May, dissatisfaction with the low ratings was also evident. However, during this period, the channel decided to continue after the series attracted attention in some countries.

In May, it was discussed that there would be a final in the Aziz series, whose ratings were bad. It was even said that it would be finished in the 28th episode. However, it was decided to continue with a last minute decision change. Behind this decision, good international sales were effective.

According to the announcement made by Show TV, the Aziz series is achieving very successful sales in both the Middle East and South America, especially in the Balkan countries. The continuation of the series, which aroused curiosity in many countries abroad, was also due to this interest.

After requests from different countries for the Aziz series, Show TV took a new decision and changed its decision to continue the series for one more season. With this last-minute decision, the season finale was made with the 28th episode that came to the screen last night. After this decision, the team held a small celebration as it was the season finale.

The end of the shooting of the season and the decision to continue the series in the new season were celebrated with all the actors and the staff behind the camera. Damla Sönmez, who left the series a short time ago, also took part in this small celebration.

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