Series News The savior of the world TVs is the Turkish series!

The savior of the world TVs is the Turkish series!


Ali Eyüboğlu from Milliyet Cadde writers wrote:

Until now, someone said, “The future Turkish series will be the life of world television. Nobody would have believed if the channels were to compete to publish the Turkish series “, but the picture is in the middle …

Turkish series continues to attract people in the face of the world in dozens of countries of the world …

In the end, this interest in the Turkish serials in the world also provided the following.

Coming soon will be the only television channel that will broadcast Turkish serials.

The capital of Qatar will be opened in Doha only the Turkish channel will broadcast.

Who will do this?

BeIN Media Group, which bought Digiturk …

The Turkish serial channel will broadcast Qatar’s capital, Doha, to the Middle East and Arab countries. BeIN Media Group will broadcast Arabic dubbing the Turkish series which will be brought to the screen on the opening channel.