The second name, who did not go from the Yasak Elma, was understood with the 'see you' note!
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29 September 2022 17:07


The second name, who did not go from the Yasak Elma, was understood with the ‘see you’ note!

The Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series is one of the most watched productions of the screen. The series, signed by Med Yapım, of which Fatih Aksoy is the boss, continues to be among the most striking series of the screen for 5 seasons. It was a development that made the audience happy that the 6th season of the Yasak Elma series, which is loved by the audience with its constantly renewed staff and surprising stories, will be broadcast.

Of course, with this information, “Who will go, who will stay?” discussions started months ago! Eda Ece and Şevval Sam were the two leading actors who still continue from the first season of the series. The names of the leading roles have changed constantly, but these two names, who are very popular with the characters Ender and Yıldız, continued the series for 5 seasons.

For now, it is uncertain whether Şevval Sam will be in the 6th season. After the actress’s statements, it was understood that she did not want to be in the 6th season. However, the situation may change with the producer’s request and demand. Although it seems clear that Eda Ece will remain in the series for now, there is no clarity for Şevval Sam.

In the meantime, the last poses came from the set of the series, whose season finale was shot last week. After Eda Ece’s sharing with Melisa Doğu, “The first of the partners, the 81st of the mothers, Melisa Doğu would not be without you. It’s over, it’s over” drew great attention and caused comments that Melisa Doğu would leave.

Another sharing of Eda Ece is “This actor stays in the series, he is in the 6th season!” she said! Who is that actor? The little actor Kuzey Gezer, who grew up on the set he came to when he was a 40-day-old baby…

After the last scenes of the season on the set of Kuzey, who is very popular as Halit Can, son of Yıldız, played by Eda Ece in the series, a sharing came from Eda Ece.

Eda Ece, who cherishes and loves Kuzey like his second mother, and often expresses that she misses him in between seasons, shot the last scenes of the season with Kuzey during the week. After these scenes were over, she hugged little Kuzey with lots of kisses.

Eda Ece shared the cute looks of the little actress with the video and dropped the note “See you soon my love”. The fact that the actress who wrote ‘Done’ to Melisa Doğu wrote ‘see you soon’ to Kuzey Gezer was almost a harbinger that the little actor will continue in the Yasak Elma squad next season!

It is not known who leaves or who stays, but it seems that if nothing goes wrong, Eda Ece and Kuzey Gezer, namely Yıldız and Halit Can, will continue to stay in the Yasak Elma.

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