The second Utku Ateş shock to the fans of the Gönül Dağı series!
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25 March 2023 13:17


The second Utku Ateş shock to the fans of the Gönül Dağı series!

Utku Ateş, who took part in the story with the character of Serdar in the Gönül Dağı series broadcast on the TRT1 screen last season, made a strong impression with his successful performance. It was revealed that the famous actor left the production at the end of the first season.

Utku Ateş, who appeared on the summer screen with a different character in the TV series Glass Ceilings, was unlucky to make the final with the 8th episode of the series. After the end of Cam Tavanlar, Gönül Dağı fans had great hope that Utku Ateş would return to the story.

The team of the Gönül Dağı series came together for the second season. The series was shot in Istanbul and the poses of Gülsim Ali İlhan with the view of the Maiden’s Tower were shared with the public by TRT.

In the press release, it was announced that after the shootings in the Maiden’s Tower, the crew of the TV series set off for Eskişehir Sivrihisar.

The entire cast of the Gönül Dağı series, which is expected to attract a lot of attention in the new broadcast period, was also shared in this bulletin. There is no name of Utku Ateş in the cast of the second season…

Actors in the bulletin shared from TRT are as follows: Berk Atan, Gülsim Ali İlhan, Ecem Özkaya, Semih Ertürk, Cihat Süvarioğlu, Nazlı Pınar Kaya, Ferdi Sancar, Ali Dusenkalkar, Erdal Cindoruk, Gülhan Tekin, Feyza Işık, Ege Aydan, Ruhi Sarı , Eser Eyüboğlu, Şebnem Dilligil, Yavuz Sepetçi, Nuri Gökaşan, Hazal Çağlar, Serkan Kuru, Hüseyin Cute, Çiğdem Aygün, Ulviye Karaca, Ergun Kuyucu and Zümre Meğreli…”

Serkan Kuru was one of the new names that attracted attention in this squad. It was announced the other day that the successful actress joined the cast of the series. Serkan Kuru was included in the story, but Utku Ateş is not in the cast.

This was the second big shock for the fans of the series, who were eagerly waiting for the love of Elif and Serdar characters. It is not known whether Utku Ateş left the series definitively, and whether he will return later.

However, there is a known fact that the Gönül Dağı team started the second season with a team that Utku Ateş was not in. It turned out that Zümre Meğreli, in the character of Elif, will continue her role.

Fans of the series have been sharing on social media for a long time for Utku Ateş to return to the story. It seems that all these pressures have not changed the result for now.

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