The secret of Can Yaman's muscles became news in the Italian press!
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3 October 2022 09:14


The secret of Can Yaman’s muscles became news in the Italian press!

Continuing his career in Italy, Can Yaman is constantly on the agenda both in Turkey and in Italy with his business and private life. started.

The Italian press, which closely follows every step taken by the actor, has captured Can Yaman’s private life as well as his business life. The secret of the muscles of Can Yaman, who has recently shared his images of sports on his Instagram account, is also among the topics that are curious.

It is understood from the social media images that he has turned his home into a gym, and he does sports hard in his spare time. He also pays great attention to the nutrition of the actor.

According to Italian news sites that draw attention to the handsome actor’s muscular body, Can Yaman, who eats 3 eggs every morning, starts the day with 1 liter of milk. The actor, who eats mostly protein, consumes 1 kg of meat a day and also drinks a liter of milk before going to bed.

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