The secret of the success of 'The Oath' series!
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27 September 2022 07:12


The secret of the success of ‘The Oath’ series!

‘The Oath’ series is running 2 seasons.

Series which attracted great attention in Turkey, also being sold abroad.

The series RuhiSarı plays a bad person who struggles to create terror.

“I prefer to play a man who has psychological problems instead of a flat type. It is more enjoyable to play bad, “he said.

RuhiSarı stated that he was very well received in his speech, but he was very tired.

He explained the secret of the success of ‘The Oath’:

“I suppose the team is related to the fit. It’s a tough job, but we enjoy it. When we see the result, we enjoy it. The way the director shapes the story is also reflected in the work. The script sounds great. We actors are trying to be involved in that dream. “

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