Series News The separation day has come in the Kalp Yarası series, the lead role is going!

The separation day has come in the Kalp Yarası series, the lead role is going!


Despite the declining ratings of the ATV series called Kalp Yarası, we see that it is also supported by a tight audience. The shooting of the series, which ATV continues to broadcast on Monday evenings, takes place in Antakya.

In the series in which Gökhan Alkan and Yağmur Tanrısevsin take the lead roles, the most painful event occurs on the happiest day of Ayşe and Ferit characters… During the wedding, Adnan Sancakzade will collapse to the ground.

On Monday, December 27, Mahir Günşıray in the character of Adnan Sancakzade will meet with his fans for the last time on the screen. The famous actor bids farewell to the series… There are details in the trailer that the character died as a result of an accident. This separation will cause significant changes in the story.

Especially the doubt in the death of the character can confuse the story too much. After the death of Adnan’s character, the audience wonders how the relationship between Ferit and Ayşe will take shape and what this will lead to.

Get ready to watch dramatic moments. In addition, the fans of the series were very tired of the games of Hande, which was successfully acted by Merve Çağıran.

There is a large audience waiting for Hande to be punished for her actions. Let’s see if the screenwriters will take a step on this issue.

With its 26th new episode, the Kalp Yarası series will make its viewers shed tears on Monday, December 27th. Here is the first trailer from the new episode: