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7 July 2022 03:51


The separation in the series of Masumlar Apartmanı caused a big change

Everyone is wondering how the story of Masumlar Apartmanı will change in the new season. In particular, the impressive coexistence of Han and İnci characters in the first season has come to an end. Because when Farah Zeynep Abdullah wanted to leave the story, the character of İnci died and left the story. After Farah Zeynep Abdullah’s decision to leave due to the psychological weight of the series affecting her life, a difficult period began for the screenwriters.

The characters of Han and İnci were in the series of Masumlar Apartmanı, and in the second season, strong stories emerged from them. However, Farah Zeynep Abdullah’s decision to leave ruined all plans. Everyone wonders what kind of future the writers of Masumlar Apartmanı envisioned for the character of Han while writing the second season.

A new female character will also join the series. It remains to be seen who this character will be associated with. It can also be expected that the new character, Han and Yıldız, will experience rapprochement.

Considering the psychological problems of the Han character played by Birkan Sokullu, it can be expected that Yıldız character will fill the void after İnci’s departure.

Melisa Şenolsun is the new famous name to join the series. The beautiful actress, whom we will watch as a star, will play a key role in the story of Masumlar Apartmanı.

Plans were delayed a little because Ezgi Mola, the lead actress of the series, was infected with the coronavirus. The team of the series, which will start shooting in September, is making the final preparations.

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