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18 August 2022 19:33


The separation in the Teşkilat series shocked everyone! Now everyone has only one question in mind!

The separation in TRT 1’s series, which has been continuing for two seasons with great success, caused a great shock among the audience of the series. The separation of the leading actor Çağlar Ertuğrul was not expected by anyone. Now everyone is asking the same question.

The successful TV series of TRT 1, Teşkilat (Organization), which met with the audience on Sunday evenings, made the season finale a few weeks ago. The big bang marked the season finale of the series.

The explosion scene in the season finale aroused great curiosity about whether the leading actor Çağlar Ertuğrul, who played the main character of the series, Serdar, died. Everyone was talking about whether Çağlar Ertuğrul would leave the series, but no one thought that this possibility would come true.

But the audience was wrong. Because it turned out that Çağlar Ertuğrul, who plays the main character of the series, Serdar, left the series. In the statement made on the Twitter account of the series, it was said:

“The story of the character of Serdar, played by our beloved actor Çağlar Ertuğrul, who played the leading role in our TV series The Teşkilat, came to an end in the second season finale as planned. We would like to thank our dear Çağlar Ertuğrul, who made a great contribution to the top of the ratings for two seasons. The Teşkilat’s preparations for the third season continue as planned.”

This news caused a great shock among the fans of the series and Çağlar Ertuğrul. Thereupon, Çağlar Ertuğrul said that he wanted to give this news by shooting a YouTube video, but that the news had spread before that and said, “The timing of our farewell messages was recorded.”

In the third season of the Teşkilat, Çağlar Ertuğrul and many important actors will no longer take part. Mesut Akusta, Ezgi Eyüboğlu and Tuncer Salman left the cast of Teşkilat. On the other hand, it has been revealed that Ezgi Şenler, who plays the character of Pınar, will say goodbye to the season finale and will not be with the team in the third season.

After all this development, there is only one question on everyone’s mind now: Who will replace Çağlar Ertuğrul, the lead actor of the series. Çağlar Ertuğrul had a very successful performance in the Teşkilat series for two seasons. Therefore, in order for the series to maintain its ratings, Ertuğrul needs to play a very ambitious name that can fill his place.

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