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9 August 2022 12:50


The separation of Cem Davran was a great loss for the ATV series!

It was a great surprise that the first shootings for the series “Hakime Hanım” (Judge Lady), which is expected to meet with the audience in the new season, were thrown away on the ATV screen. While it was decided to make improvements on the scenario of the series, some changes were made in the technical team.

In this process, it is expected that there will be changes in the cast of the series. The separation of Cem Davran, who was considered to be the leading male actor at the very beginning of these steps of change, created surprise.

Cem Davran, who was expected to take the lead role with Vahide Perçin, left the project. This is a significant loss for the series. Cem Davran is a master in character creation and has made a difference in the series he has been in so far.

It was also a matter of curiosity who would replace Cem Davran. Vahide Perçin needs a very effective partner in such an important series. The changes to be made in the script of the series, which tells the story of a female judge who believes in justice, are also eagerly awaited.

ATV attaches great importance to the Hakime Hanım series and wants it to be one of the best debuting projects of the new season. It was an important experience that the Hakim (Judge) series, which started out with a very strong cast, was able to stay on the screen for 10 episodes.

Law series do not hold up without a strong story and good narration. The Yargı (Judgment) series has proven how successful a law series can be that will leave the audience wondering and dragging.

The Hakim series, on the other hand, was left behind as a legal project experienced by ATV as a bad example. As a result of these experiences, it was an important decision to initiate a change for the series Hakime Hanım, and the postponement of the shootings due to this change caused the broadcast planning to change.

Despite Cem Davran’s departure from the series, Feyza Sevil Güngör, Kaan Yıldırım and Yusuf Çim are expected to take part in the story. While developments are expected in the scenario of the Hakime Hanım series, negotiations continue for the completion of the cast.

Cem Davran, who was born in 1964, played the character of Hazim in the TV series Aşkın Tarifi last season. The actor, whom we watched in the digital TV series Yarım Kalan Aşklar in 2020, has been continuing his career as an actor since the 1970s.

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