The separation that burns the hearts of the audience in Teşkilat series!
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26 September 2022 11:27


The separation that burns the hearts of the audience in Teşkilat series!

Teşkilat started the second season with a very effective episode on TRT1 screens. The 15th episode of the series, which aired 14 episodes in the first season, met with the audience on Sunday evening. 9 actors participated in the new season of the series…

Gürkan Uygun, Hakan Boyav, Turgut Tunçalp, Mustafa Açılan, Ali Öner, Bülent Bilgiç, Mehmet Ergenç, Nil Günal, Hilal Öztunca will also have a new break in Teşkilat series, which will feature in the new season…

The character of Yıldırım, played by Gürkan Uygun, was included in the story to harm Turkey and the bad name of the series. Yıldırım, who provided the arrangement of an explosion on a drilling ship as a first step, made a great introduction to the series. It was revealed that Zehra’s ex-husband Kemal, whom he divorced, died in this bomb attack.

The new trailer for the 16th episode of the Teşkilat series has been released. Zehra received the news of the death of her ex-husband Kemal. Now, Zehra’s little daughter is left without a father… What kind of psychological test Zehra will give after this death is eagerly awaited. Zehra’s tears will also attract attention in the new episode. Serdar will give Zehra the biggest support in this bad period.

Mert Karabulut played the character of Kemal in the series. Although the actor took part in the series for a short time, he was still memorable and used an important opportunity in terms of his career.

The 16th new episode of the Teşkilat series will be broadcast on Sunday, October 3 at 20:00. Here comes a moving episode that will impress everyone.

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