Series News The series Bir Sevdadır will bring a great suffering to the screens!

The series Bir Sevdadır will bring a great suffering to the screens!


Merve Şeyma Zengin, Ayça of ‘Bir Sevdadır’ (It is A Love), who is counting the days to meet the audience on Wednesday, January 31 on TRT 1 screens, made sincere statements about the series and her character. The actor made a statement stating that the story of the series will expose the audience to a great suffering.

Merve Şeyma Zengin, who plays Ayça in the series, gave the following information about her character: “She is a very intelligent character and knows how to survive. She grew up without knowing her father and struggled to survive with her mother. She is an extrovert, someone who knows how to overcome problems under any circumstances… Her drive to live the life she deserves comes before anything else. The loneliness of growing up without a family and trying to grow up in difficult conditions gives him the motivation and ability to emerge victorious from every battle she enters for life. She is very ambitious and fearless… When she falls in love, she may not see anyone… When I start to feel Ayça’s struggle and the feeling of loneliness she feels, I understand her very well. “I think playing such gray characters is something every actor wants, so I’m very excited.”

Stating that she was very impressed when he first read the script, Zengin gave the following information: “I was very impressed by the emotion it made me feel. She actually points out a huge grievance. There is a very nice and working plan going on behind the scenes. She is very strong in mathematics, I hope she finds the same response in the audience…”

Zengin, emphasizing that she was excited to portray a character far from herself, said, “Ayça is a character from a world I do not know. She is ready to burn ships for the sake of her ambition and passions. “When I empathize with Ayça, I can find the motivation behind what she does and her fearlessness,” she said.

Zengin said that they worked on a set with good energy and said, “All my teammates and the set have very good energy. I have full faith that this will be reflected in the work. “I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with people I can get along with,” she said.

Zengin stated that she spent the rehearsal periods productively before going on the set and gave the following information:

“We had a rehearsal period before going on set, which allowed us to get to know each other before the set. I’m in a space where I feel like I’ve known you for a long time and I’m comfortable. “Going to the set is very enjoyable because the team is extremely sweet.”

Bir Sevdadır series on Wednesday, January 31 at 20.00 on TRT 1