The series of Sevmek Zamanı series, where İlhan Şen and Deniz Işın met, shone on social media!
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9 February 2023 08:52


The series of Sevmek Zamanı series, where İlhan Şen and Deniz Işın met, shone on social media!

ATV’s new series Sevmek Zamanı (Time to Love), produced by Süreç Film and produced by Ali Gündoğdu-İsmail Gündoğdu, started its screen journey on Monday evening.

A man and a woman who meet untimely; Sevmek Zamanı, which is about the love story born out of impossibility, received great acclaim with its first episode.

The series, which made the audience experience sadness and joy together with its first episode, was also talked about a lot on social media.

The first episode tag #SevmekZamanı entered the Twitter Turkey Trending Topics list shortly after the episode started and managed to stay on the list until the end of the episode, where it rose to the second rank.

In the evening when Sevmek Zamanı started its journey on the screen, the actors, production team and ATV management watched the first episode together in the organization.


Successful university student Firuze’s life changed irreversibly when she met a mysterious man on the ferry!

Having a romantic acquaintance with Kagan, whom she met by chance on the ferry, Firuze was very impressed by this young man who introduced himself as a driver and said his name was Alps. While the two fell in love with each other in a short time, Kagan could not reveal his true identity to Firuze.

Just like Firuze, Kağan, experiencing feelings he had never known before, decided to change his life completely in order to be with Firuze, but soon realized that this was not easy at all.

Firuze, who grew up in an orphanage, came to a critical turn in her struggle for life with her siblings. Things got messy when younger brother Omar finally learned that their mother was alive and in prison. After Firuze told the truth about her family to Kağan, she got into a bicycle accident and met her siblings, who came to the hospital.

After Kagan left the hospital, Firuze confessed to her brother Feryat that she was in love. Kagan, who experienced the pain of not being able to tell Firuze the truth, returned to the life he belonged to and attended the fifth wedding anniversary celebration organized by his wife!

‘Sevmek Zamanı’ is on ATV every Monday at 20:00 with its new episodes!

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