The series took a break, İbrahim Çelikkol got what he wanted so much!
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29 November 2022 10:17


The series took a break, İbrahim Çelikkol got what he wanted so much!

Famous actor İbrahim Çelikkol became one of the notable names in 2020 with Demet Özdemir. The actor who gave life to the character of Mehdi in My Home My Destiny series not only won the respect of the team with his fatherly attitudes in the set, but also made a great contribution to the series with his great performance.

İbrahim Çelikkol re-entered the intensive set environment again during the 12th season finale and then 4-part stocks. The actor, who was away from his family due to the shooting, was relieved when the holidays came again.

İbrahim Çelikkol had the happiness of having his sons born in December 2019 with Mihre Mutlu, who married in 2017.

Expressing the joy of fatherhood after the birth of Ali baby, İbrahim Çelikkol reunited with his son after the series shootings were completed.

Now, the actor who spends all his time with his family, is gaining great admiration from his followers with his son Ali on holiday.

It was noteworthy that İbrahim Çelikkol, who made 3 shares in a row on 23 July, 28 July and 3 August, included photos with his son Ali and did not add another photo.

Here is İbrahim Çelikkol’s last share:

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