Series News The Sipahi series did not happen, the Özge Gürel and Kaan Yıldırım duo are officially wasted!

The Sipahi series did not happen, the Özge Gürel and Kaan Yıldırım duo are officially wasted!


The harsh criticism on social media about the Sipahi series, which is broadcast on Show TV on Monday evenings, continues. Described as an action series, Sipahi could not satisfy the viewers enough about the action. While the unnecessaryness of the Canan character in the story is the biggest source of criticism, the fact that Özge Gürel could not enter the role is one of the points that the audience draws attention to.

Özge Gürel, who took part in an action series for the first time, states in her interviews that she got used to her role and that everything is fine. However, this is not the case when you look at the ratings and social media reflection.

The viewers weren’t able to match Özge Gürel with the character of Canan, nor was the story good enough… Despite Kaan Yıldırım’s great efforts, the shortcomings in the editing of the series were one of the most important reasons that kept the audience away from the screen.

The very serious drop in ratings with the fifth episode is accepted as an indication that the viewers have stopped watching the Sipahi series.

The Sipahi series, which has been criticized for trying to resemble the TRT1 series called Teşkilat (Organization), would have had a much better rating if it had been similar to its rival.

It seems that it will not be possible to continue on the road under these conditions for the Sipahi series, which started broadcasting with a big claim.

Many series fans started to say, “We’ll get the final news soon,” and the ratings also support this situation.

You can watch the 6th new episode of the Sipahi series on Show TV on Monday, January 16th. The moments when the character of Canan learns that Korkut Ali is an intelligence agent will now stand out as a step to put an end to a mystery.