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3 July 2022 13:35


The sought-after series for Mine Tugay, which was listened to after Zalim Istanbul, has been found!

Fans who wanted to see the famous actress Mine Tugay in TV series were wondering when she would return to the sets. The actress, who gained great acclaim with the character of Şeniz in the Zalim İstanbul TV series, preferred to rest for a long time after the finale in June 2020.

Mine Tugay, who proved many times that she is one of the most beautiful aging female actors with her social media posts, gained a large fan base by playing important roles with her successful acting performance. The project that will enable Mine Tugay to return to TV series has also emerged. The name of the new series prepared by Avşar Film is Masum ve Güzel…

Mine Tugay fans are waiting for this series with great curiosity and excitement. Because the actress has not been on the screen for a long time and her fans missed her… It was also a matter of curiosity what kind of role Mine Tugay would take, who will meet again with Bahar Şahin after Zalim İstanbul.

The shooting of the series Masum ve Güzel, in which the impressive drama story of two girls coming out of the orphanage, will be brought together with the audience, will soon begin. It is stated that Aslı Sümen also participated in the series, in which Erkan Meriç, Doğan Bayraktar and Sude Zülal Güler also took part in the cast.

The director of the series, which will start shooting in the middle of February, is Aytaç Çiçek.

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