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6 July 2022 06:28


The start date of Show TV’s impressive drama series, Oğlum, signed by Ay Yapım has been announced!

While the new promotion of Ay Yapım’s new series ‘Oğlum’, which will be broadcast on Show TV, which increased the curiosity of the audience, came to the screens, the broadcast date of the series was also announced. Bringing together successful names from each other in its staff and preparing to make a sound with its groundbreaking story, ‘Oğlum’ will begin its broadcast journey on Show TV on Wednesday, February 9 at 20.00.

There are only a few days left until the launch of the new TV series “Oğlum” signed by Ay Yapım. ‘Oğlum’, which will shed light on the world of two children with a story we are not accustomed to seeing on television screens, will meet with the audience on Show TV on Wednesday, February 9 at 20.00.

A short while before the first episode of ‘Oğlum’, in which the audience will witness the effects of parents on children, comes to the screens, a new promotion from the series has been released.

In the promotion of the series, which set out as a story of hope, two different families are revealed, while hints of a painful event are given. The series, which will center on the lives changed by a tragedy, will make the audience taste complex emotions together.

The project and scenario design was undertaken by Ahmet Katıksız; “Oğlum”, in which the pen of Hürer Ebeoğlu and Sevgi Yılmaz meet with the director of Gökçen Usta, starts on Show TV on Wednesday, February 9 at 20.00 with its emotional story!

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