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6 July 2022 20:32


The story of the Camdaki Kız turned into chewing gum! The stubbornness in the scenario led to a hard fall!

Once a record-breaking TV series, Kanal D’s TV series Camdaki Kız experienced a sharp drop in ratings this week. The interesting thing is that the audience of the series was not surprised by this sharp decline. According to them, this decline will continue if the audience’s request is not given in the script.

Camdaki Kız, starring Burcu Biricik and Feyyaz Şerifoğlu, came to the screen with its 29th episode last night. Although the series was broadcast without a summary last night, it experienced a very sharp drop in the ratings.

The result of the series, which has been going down for a while, was quite painful last night. In the episode aired last week, the rating score was close to the average and fell to sixth place. Thus, for the first time, the Camdaki Kız was even behind the Barbaroslar series, which came to the screen with great claims but attracted attention with its low ratings.

Last night’s ratings for Camdaki Kız were even worse. The series, which received an average score with its episode last night, dropped to the eighth place. This drastic fall came as a shock to everyone. But the audience was not surprised.

Because the audience has been voicing the problem in Camdaki Kız for a long time. According to the audience, the story became more and more boring. According to the audience, the story took so long that everyone fainted. The audience wants the story to go to the second stage as soon as possible.

However, the script team stubbornly does not go to the second stage. The fact that Nalan leaves everything behind and agrees to be a poor chauffeur Hayri will actually add a lot of movement to the story. However, according to the audience, the screenwriter is stubborn with the audience and is very slow in moving to the second stage. The viewer, in his social media posts, states that as long as this stubbornness continues, the decline in the ratings of Camdaki Kız will continue.

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