The story of the two new ATV series is progressing well, but the ratings are not good at all!
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30 March 2023 04:44


The story of the two new ATV series is progressing well, but the ratings are not good at all!

Rating shock for two new ATV series that the audience has not noticed yet! Two series of ATV fascinate your cat, but the ratings are not good! Having made an important debut with the Heart Wound series, Atv’s Baş Belası has been on the air since the beginning of summer… However, the ratings of the series, in which İrem Helvacıoğlu and Seçkin Özdemir are in the lead, do not go as expected.

It is possible to make the same interpretation for the production called İkimizin Sırrı, which displaced the series of Baş Belası. It’s surprising that many viewers haven’t noticed İkimizin Sırrı, which started airing on Sundays. During the summer, viewers move away from the screen and the ratings are not good. However, this is not a problem for some series. For example, Kalp Yarası is an ATV series that started very well, and the duo of Gökhan Alkan and Yağmur Tanrısevsin manages to collect millions per screen.

It’s hard to say the same for the TV series Baş Belası and İkimizin Sırrı. Both series have a strong story, good cast and atmosphere that will impress the audience.

Combining comedy and detective crime, The Baş Belası has aired 10 episodes, but it has Baş Belası with the ratings on Friday evenings. The Baş Belası’s rating performance can’t keep it going in the winter season. However, both the concept, the story and the leading actors of the series are very good. In other words, it would be a great misfortune for such a production to be defeated by the ratings. We predict that ATV will support the series for a while.

İkimizin Sırrı has a similar situation on Sunday evenings. The ratings of the series are not at the desired level. However, according to Baş Belası, İkimizin Sırrı is in good shape. Although some fans of the TV series objected to Leyla Feray and Aras Aydın, the story was appreciated. There is a performance that progresses by putting it on each episode.

ATV viewers love drama productions and how they didn’t notice this series is actually a question mark. İkimizin Sırrı took the second place in all people with its 3rd episode aired last night. Third place came in AB and ABC1. However, although the ranking was good, the rating figures were quite low.

ATV must make more effort to promote İkimizin Sırrı, which has not received a high level of interaction on social media.

The fourth new episode of İkimizin Sırrı will be broadcast on Sunday, August 29, and another episode that will impress the audience is coming.

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