The subtle message given with the poster of the series Son Nefesime Kadar!
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1 October 2022 02:17


The subtle message given with the poster of the series Son Nefesime Kadar!

Fox TV’s highly anticipated new series, Son Nefesime Kadar, will take its place on the screen with its first episode on Wednesday evening. It was immediately noticed that the series had a strong drama story and a very good cast was formed. Trailers of Son Nefesime Kadar were very effective.

The poster of the series starring Nurgül Yeşilçay, Emre Kınay and Ertan Saban was also shared. There is an important message given on the poster…

First of all, the message that a large group of players will be influential in the story, not a single player, can be understood by looking at the players on the poster. Although Nurgül Yeşilçay seems to be in the foreground, this poster beautifully explains that other actors will also have important roles in the story. This gives a strong series image with its large cast and many characters’ own stories.

There is a rich cast consisting of successful names from the TV series “Son Nefesime Kadar”, which is preparing to make a sound with its impressive story and will meet the audience on Wednesday, February 23.

In the new promotion of the series, Emre Kınay’s words, “If I knew I could bring him back, I would even stop the wind” have already given the audience emotional moments and attracted great attention.

Soap opera; It tells the story of a woman who works as a commissioner in a small town, whose whole world is turned upside down when the man she thinks is responsible for her daughter’s death is released from prison.

Nurgül Yeşilçay, Emre Kınay and Ertan Saban share the lead roles in the series; In addition to successful names such as Begüm Birgören and Rojda Demirer, young stars İpek Filiz Yazıcı, Emre Bey, Baran Bölükbaşı, Elif Ceren Balıkçı and Taha Baran Özbek also take part.

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