The success of the Yalancı series depends on one condition!
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27 November 2022 15:29


The success of the Yalancı series depends on one condition!

There is an intense preparation period for the Yalancı series, which will soon meet with the audience on the Show TV screen. The team of the series, starring Burçin Terzioğlu and Salih Bademci, recently went on the set. With the start of the shooting and the release of the first trailer, the Yalancı series came to the fore even more.

The series has a large cast and the meeting of successful names can be considered as a great advantage. The success of the lead actors in their past projects is remarkable. The duo of Burçin Terzioğlu and Salih Bademci was a good choice and attracted the attention of the audience.

One of them is Deniz, a literature teacher, and the other is Mehmet, a famous surgeon. What happened between Deniz and Mehmet, who met through their children and met at a dinner, and the allegations made afterwards will form the basis of the story of the series.

In the Yalancı series, adapted from the British TV series The Liar, you will see where the lie can lead. On social media, viewers are very hopeful about the new series. The first comments about the series with thousands of shares are always positive. Especially Burçin Terzioğlu fans are waiting with excitement. Fans are making great efforts to attract the attention of the masses with their posts on social media.

Anibal Güleroğlu, one of the Milliyet Blog writers, pointed out the importance of the script for the success of the new series. Güleroğlu wrote, “The two people trying to prove that they are right will develop on the search for the truth of the night and on reaching the truth that hides their face from everyone.”

It is certain that the Yalancı series, starring Hazal Türesan, Cemal Toktaş and Şahin Irmak, will attract a lot of attention.

According to Anibal Güleroğlu, the script needs to be handled very well for the success of the series. A lot of work falls on the Yazıhane team who wrote the script.

Anibal Güleroğlu also made the following warning for the new series adapted from the original series:

“The main detail that will bring success will be the creation of side plots and characters in a way that does not spoil the original, as in every adaptation. Because it is always possible to falter at the point where the original is exhausted. Undoubtedly, the burden of this falls largely on the Yazıhane team, who will reveal the script.”

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