The Teşkilat's job is harder now! Yargı series found the secret, stopped his opponent!
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28 January 2023 19:05


The Teşkilat’s job is harder now! Yargı series found the secret, stopped his opponent!

Yargı series is broadcast on Kanal D and we witness that the interest in the series is increasing with each passing week. The reason why the series, starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, reached such a good point, is that the script is very good.

Screenwriter Sema Ergenekon, who followed the cases at the Courthouse for 2 years, talked to lawyers, judges and prosecutors and observed the developments in a real flow, created the scenario with the experience they gave.

If the series leaves a high level of excitement and curiosity in each new episode, there is this story that flows smoothly and events that are close to reality… Even though secrets are revealed in the Yargı series, there is always a fluency even though some issues are resolved in the story in each episode.

The occurrence of an event does not lessen the excitement of the story. It increases even more. Because events develop in a way that is connected to each other, like the links of a chain. The biggest achievement of Sema Ergenekon is that there is no disconnection between this chain. Those who watch the flow of stories and events feel like they are on a film strip.

This is what lies behind the high interest of the Yargı series and the fact that new viewers participate in the excitement of the production of each episode.

The plot and fluidity of the story go so closely with real life and complement each other so much that it is like proof of how the script can make a production stand out.

The Yargı series will be much more exciting in the upcoming episodes. Even the fact that the Teşkilat experienced a slight decrease in market competition brought the Yargı first places. With the rapidly increasing interest of the audience behind him, the way for the series to become the sole judge of Sunday evenings has also been paved.

The Teşkilat series, broadcast on TRT1, made such a successful debut in the first season that no series could stand against it. We see that the series, which started the second season well, hit a hard rock like Yargı this time. The Teşkilat is again very successful and is followed by millions of viewers. But the Teşkilat’s ascension process is over. Because there is no chance to make a very serious opening in his story and increase the excitement of the audience even more. It will continue on its way with its existing audience.

However, the rise of the Yargı continues. Because the appeal of his story is still high and he can still catch the attention of new audiences. This is the biggest difference between the Teşkilat and the Yargı.

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