The thing that adds joy to Demet Özdemir's life and feeds her soul!
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4 February 2023 07:57


The thing that adds joy to Demet Özdemir’s life and feeds her soul!

Famous actress Demet Özdemir has been dancing for many years and this talent was instrumental in her first recognition. The actress, who is also famous for her dance videos, enchants her fans. Because she’s a professional dancer…

Life itself is dance… This is Demet Özdemir’s point of view. The actress does not hesitate to always say that dance is a part of her life.

The famous actress, who sees dance as an art form that satisfies her soul, also says that she treats her body with dance. The actress, who wants to open a dance school one day, wants to share her talents with the children.

Dancing is an exuberant tradition for her. The actress, who occasionally shares dance videos on social media, talks about dance as follows:

“Dance is freedom for me. It’s a way of expressing your feelings, another way to shut up, laugh, cry. I learned to believe, trust and feel strong in my body through dance. Glad we met dancing. If I love my body, the biggest reason is dance.”
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