Series News The three names of the Bride Of Istanbul meet in a new show

The three names of the Bride Of Istanbul meet in a new show

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Bride Of Istanbul is one of the series that will not be erased from memories for a long time. The series, which was screened for 4 seasons on Star TV, made the final with the 87th episode in May 2019. The story of the series starring Aslı Enver with Süreyya, Özcan Deniz’s Faruk and İpek Bilgin with Esma characters is Dr. It was quoted from a story by Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu.

Although the story was changed a lot later, it remains in the archives as a production that has a special place in the heart of the audience. In the series, Salih Bademci and Fırat Tanis were two important names that attracted attention with their strong acting. Now, the emergence of a coincidence about this series is a development that will surprise the audience.

With the news of a new series that has been spoken for a while, it seems that it will be a coincidence that 3 names of Bride from Istanbul meet in the same series. There are developments regarding a new series that will be shot for Netflix and will star Barış Arduç and Gökçe Bahadır and its code name is Club.

According to the backstage information, Salih Bademci is among the actors of the series. In a newly acquired information, Fırat Tanış is also being interviewed about the series. Tanış most recently came to the screen with the character of Adem in the series Bride Of Istanbul.

This time, while the meeting of Salih Bademci and Fırat Tanış in the new series of Netflix was in question, the third surprise came with the announcement of the director of the series. The director of the new series project, whose code name is Club, will be Zeynep Günay Tan, who is the director of the Bride Of Istanbul series.

There is no doubt that this beautiful coincidence will bring out a good result. It is not clear whether Fırat Tanış has approved the project yet, but if these 3 names meet again in the same series, it is already clear that this series of Netflix will be talked about a lot in the coming days!

Seren Yüce is the second director of the series produced by O3 Media. The script is written by Ayşin Akbulut, Serkan Yörük, Bengü Third and Rana Denizer under the leadership of Necati Şahin.

The story of the series is as follows:

The story, set in Istanbul in 1955, tells the life adventure of Matilda, a former prisoner who worked in the revolutionary nightclub of the period, and her daughter Raschel, who was unaware of her existence until the day she was released from prison. On the one hand, Matilda will try to improve her relationship with her daughter Raşel and keep her away from the troubled handsome of Pera, Fıstık İsmet; On the other hand, he will try to manage the egos of his courageous boss Orhan, the jealous manager Çelebi and the visionary artist Selim, who are his night life colleagues. Being a paradise for customers and a hell for employees, the Club will take on a brand new spirit with the arrival of Matilda; It will become a home for our characters, each of them being the “other” of their story. Perhaps the most beautiful family is the one your family has set up.