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6 July 2022 21:52


The truth hidden in Flame Of Fate has finally been revealed!

Striking developments took place in the episode of Flame Of Fate, which was signed by Ay Yapım and appeared on Show TV, last night. Ali finally saw Çiçek’s face and learned the great truth. What will happen between the two from now on has already aroused curiosity.

In the episode of Flame Of Fate, which took the viewers into the world in a short time with its strong story, Ali went after the facts. After seeing Tomris and Atlas in Çiçek’s grave, Ali, who was sure that he was in a game, confronted Çiçek. Ali, who wanted to return home to see Çiçek’s face, was shocked by the sight he saw. While the excitement reached its peak in the final moments when the two came face to face, Ali finally learned the big truth.

Flame Of Fate achieved ratings between 5-6 with its eighth episode, which was broadcast last night, and became the 3rd most watched series of the day.Flame Of Fate, which dragged the bone audience after its, became one of the holding series of this season. Part tag # yalnızyürü to 7 hours took place on the agenda of Turkey for 30 minutes. The exciting episode was on the TT list for 7 hours and 10 minutes with the hashtag #AlevAlev, and managed to enter the world agenda. Berker Güven giving life to the characters in the series İskender trust both in Turkey also had long list of TT in the world.


While Bülent was taken into custody after İskender was stabbed, Ali was shocked by what happened. When İskender came to his senses, he remembered that it was Ali who stabbed him, but Çiçek took action not to tell the truth. Çiçek, who first sought Rüya to convince İskender, then went to the hospital herself and threatened İskender as Şimal. After the threats, İskender said that it was Bülent who stabbed him.


After the shooting of Ömer, Rüya and Ozan had moments of fear. When Ömer woke up, everyone took a deep breath, and Rüya’s going to talk to İskender caused Ömer to get angry. Even though the relationship between Rüya and Ömer, who started to realize their feelings for each other, was disrupted because of İskender, Ömer finally took action with the advice of Ozan. Ömer, who went to the door of Rüya, asked Rüya for a meal instead of telling her feelings in the middle of the street.


Çelebi managed to upset Cemre’s life once again with his new move. Waiting with great hope to get his mental health report, Cemre was greatly disappointed with the result he received. As a result of Çelebi’s plan, a report came out from the delegation that Cemre was mentally unstable. Thereupon, another blow came from Çelebi. Çelebi, who reached Cemre’s door with the police and an ambulance, offered Cemre two options. They would either go to the clinic by ambulance or go home together. Faced with a difficult choice, Cemre’s decision has already been a matter of curiosity.

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