The turning point of Hilal Altınbilek's life was Once Upon a Time Çukurova!
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6 October 2022 14:47


The turning point of Hilal Altınbilek’s life was Once Upon a Time Çukurova!

The Once Upon a Time Çukurova series, shot at an intense pace for 2 seasons in Adana, catches the eye with its successful performance. Hilal Altınbilek, who plays the character of Züleyha in the series, also gives the right to her role. Accepting that this series is a turning point for her, the actress has made significant gains in her career.

Answering the questions from her fans on Youtube, the actress thanked everyone who made it to the show. Stating that he expected such a role for 2 years, Hilal Altınbilek made a strong break with the character of Özlem in the Black Rose series.

However, her role in Once Upon a Time Çukurova became the golden page of her career on behalf of the actress.

Accepting this situation, Hilal Altınbilek drew attention with the following words:

“Wouldn’t it happen? Of course it did. This is a role I have been waiting for for 2 years. Thank you very much to my producers from here, Faruk Teber, everyone who chose me to do this work. Thank you very much. I will be in front of you. This was really my turning point. I hope I will be in front of you with more self-help. ” ”

Explaining that he was very impressed by his role in the series, Hilal Altınbilek stated that it was not possible to be unaffected.

Performing that there is no need for special preparation after adapting to the scenes, Hilal Altınbilek said that the energy that came out during the stage was better and was not prepared for a scene beforehand.

Explaining that this is a method of acting, the actress said, “I’ll leave it to the moment. I look at myself, what will come out? I wonder because. Very big scenes, I leave it on stage. Because I don’t know what you will get out of me. “made the explanation.

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