Series News The TV series Arka Sokaklar took care of the famous actress Serpil Örümcer, who was struggling to make ends meet!

The TV series Arka Sokaklar took care of the famous actress Serpil Örümcer, who was struggling to make ends meet!


The detective series Arka Sokaklar (Back Streets), produced by D Media and on the screen for 18 years, this time became the voice of Yeşilçam’s master Serpil Örümcer.

On the anniversary of the earthquake, the series touched hearts with its earthquake special episode and now it has extended a helping hand to Serpil Örümcer.

Yeşilçam’s famous actress Serpil Örümcer, nicknamed “Miss Bacak”, announced that she had financial difficulties and sold her photographs to survive.

After this statement, which hit the agenda like a bombshell, the first helping hand to Serpil Örümcer came from the Arka Sokaklar team. D Media and the Arka Sokaklar family, who could not remain indifferent to this call of the actress, did not forget Serpil Örümcer and included her in the cast as a guest actress. Serpil Örümcer will meet the audience with the character “Müjgan” in the series.

Serpil Örümcer, the heroine of one of Yeşilçam’s tragic stories, said that she was very happy with the role offered to her and that she was excited to be on the set after many years.

Explaining that he works with very nice people and an incredibly harmonious team, Örumcer explained the process of joining the series as follows:

“Someone else is selling my paintings and records. I go online and they sell my watch and book, but I don’t know who is selling them. So I decided to paint. My situation is not very good, I live in a rented house, I could not pay my electricity and water bills, I am in a bad situation. That’s why I said, “What am I doing? Others are making money off of me.” I decided to sell my paintings. I set out like this so that I could pay for my electricity, water, natural gas and rent. “During these difficult days, I saw that I received an offer from the TV series Arka Sokaklar, I decided to act immediately and I was incredibly happy.”

Serpil Örümcer will play the character of “Müjgan”, the landlord of the commissioner Aylin, in the series. About the role of Spider; “I am a landlord, our daughter Aylin is my tenant, but I do not like her friend Hakan. “That’s why I’m playing a despotic character,” he said.

Arka Sokaklar will be screened with its new episode on Friday, February 16 at 20.00 on Kanal D.