Series News The TV series Diriliş Ertuğrul, Yasak Elma and Ezel managed to break the boycott!

The TV series Diriliş Ertuğrul, Yasak Elma and Ezel managed to break the boycott!

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The air against Turkish TV series in Arab countries started to dissipate… A few years ago, we witnessed that Turkish TV series peaked all over the world… It was stated by the actors of the industry that there was a downward trend, especially in 2018. Then, with the effect of Turkey’s foreign policy, a boycott began in Arab countries against Turkish TV series.

This boycott was not actually a boycott from the people. The broadcasting of Turkish TV series was first slowed down by the powers controlling the economy, and then it was reduced to the minimum level. But now there are signs that this situation is starting to change.

Especially in 2021, there have been very important developments in terms of the dissolution of this boycott. Television critic Sina Koloğlu also brought up an important detail in a post she made on her Instagram account.

Announcing the new development by saying “The Arab world has made peace with Turkish TV series”, Sina Koloğlu gave an example from Saudi Arabia:

“The world acquaintance of Turkish TV series started with Arab countries. Then there were problems in relations and it went as far as banning Turkish TV series in the Gulf countries. Now things are back to the old days. The latest example was seen in the most watched TV series and movie release of 2021 on the STARZPLAY platform, which has a considerable subscriber in Saudi Arabia. 24 percent of the subscribers watched the following three TV series; ‘Diriliş Ertuğrul’, ‘Yasak Elma’ and ‘Ezel’…”

As can be understood from this message of Sina Koloğlu, among the Turkish TV series led by Diriliş Ertuğrul, which lasted for 5 seasons and was broadcast in many countries, Yasak Elma and Ezel were among the most watched productions. The fact that a quarter of all subscribers on the STARZPLAY platform have watched these three serials is also a very important achievement.