Artists News The TV series Gönül Dağı created a great career opportunity for Zümre Meğreli!

The TV series Gönül Dağı created a great career opportunity for Zümre Meğreli!


Gönül Dağı (Gönül Mountain), which has gone down in Turkish television history as the first every week for 4 seasons, is highly appreciated for its impressive story set in the Anatolian steppe as well as its cast of artists.

Zümre Meğreli, who successfully portrayed the character ‘Nurse Elif’ in the series shot in Eskişehir’s Sivrihisar district, also receives full marks from the audience with her performance.

The famous actress, who the audience started to recognize with the series and who was praised on social media for her successful performance, attracted a lot of attention with her character Elif Nurse.

Nurse Elif, who experienced great pain in the first episodes of the series on TRT 1 and left all her sorrows behind after marrying Doctor Kenan, is waiting with excitement to meet her biggest wish in life, her baby.

The audience now watches the sad Nurse Elif, who never ceases to have tears in her eyes, while laughing and in the image of a happy family. In this case, it makes the audience happy, knowing well the disappointments the character has experienced before.

It is obvious that for Zümre Meğreli, the Gönül Dağı series is a great chance in terms of career opportunity. The young actress touched on this issue and expressed her feelings with the following words:

“I think we can say that nurse Elif found happiness. Elif’s biggest wound was loneliness. Not belonging was her fear of being abandoned, but now she has found a place to take root in the world. The storm has passed. There are examples of this that I have witnessed in my life.

Some people have a misfortune, bad luck always finds them when they are born, in their childhood, in life, but then something happens. She meets someone, maybe she loses someone, maybe she moves somewhere and suddenly her fate seems to change, and then she finds the waterbed.

I think it is the same for Elif. The deficiency inside him ended with someone loving him more than anything in the world and believing that they would never leave him, and of course having a family. Now she is in the prime of herr life.”

The Elif character will experience the excitement of motherhood, and this will create a different experience opportunity for the young actress.

While Elif’s motherhood, which is expected to affect the power of the story positively, is awaited with curiosity, Zümre Meğreli shared some information on this subject.

The actress said, “It is difficult to know what he will experience, but I know how she will feel. She is very excited when it comes to her own child, she no longer has the identity of a healthcare professional, she is in a rush and walks away.” Both Kenan and Elif will not allow the child to feel the slightest loneliness in this regard, both because they were born late and because both Kenan and Elif are injured in the family situation. “We will probably experience a lot of love, a lot of attention, a lot of fondness,” she said.