The Üç Kuruş series couldn't create a Çukur effect, even Show TV couldn't calculate it!
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5 October 2022 02:34


The Üç Kuruş series couldn’t create a Çukur effect, even Show TV couldn’t calculate it!

The Üç Kuruş series, which aired on Monday evenings, created such high expectations before it was broadcast that many people could not find what they expected with the start of the story.

The excitement of the audience, who loved the TV series İçerde and Çukur, faded in a short time… Even though Üç Kuruş had a strong story and very good actors, it could not create a Çukur effect.

11 episodes of Üç Kuruş, which is prepared with great care by Ay Yapım and whose cast consists of very influential names, have been published so far. The series, which received good ratings in the first episodes, started to experience serious decreases in the ratings as the weeks passed.

Let’s point out that one of the TV series where 2022 was not good is Üç Kuruş. We observe that things are not going well for the series, which barely managed to enter the top 10 in the ratings with its 11th episode.

Engagement rates on social media have decreased, and there is a serious decrease in audience interest in the story of the series and future episodes. This is enough to explain the drop in ratings.

The 11th episode of the series, which lost its power as the weeks passed, was 10th in all people, and 9th in AB and ABC1 groups. The producer needs to take different steps in order to raise Üç Kuruş, which has turned into a series that barely made it to the top 10, from a production that was expected to compete for the first place.

These problems, which are experienced while the 11th chapter is passed, may cause other problems that will be more difficult to return in the following chapters. Maybe the solution is to make Üç Kuruş more interesting with new arrangements for the story, new characters.

The participation of Sezin Akbaşoğulları with an effective character in the 11th episode of the series was a remarkable new development. The successful actress, who gave life to many different characters on television screens, on the big screen and on the theater stage throughout her career, now takes her place in Üç Kuruş with a surprise character.

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