Artists News The unfortunate incident that happened to Mesut Akusta in his childhood turned his life into a nightmare!

The unfortunate incident that happened to Mesut Akusta in his childhood turned his life into a nightmare!


Mesut Akusta, who had to take a break from the project for a while due to the health problems he experienced while starring in the TV series Teşkilat (Organization), made important statements on NTV.

The actor, who was taken to intensive care after a brain hemorrhage in 2021, when the Teşkilat series was filmed, and returned to the project after his treatment, frightened his fans very much. After his role in the Teşkilat series ended, the actor continued his career by taking part in the TRT1 series named Yürek Çıkmazı.

Mesut Akusta, who gained great popularity with his character Kendal in the drama series Karagül, is among the most important actors in the history of Turkish TV series and cinema. So, what was the unfortunate incident that the master experienced in his childhood?

Successful actor Mesut Akusta was the guest of Ceyda Düvenci in Bam Başka Sohbetler, which is broadcast every weekday on NTV. The master actor told Ceyda Düvenci for the first time:

“I didn’t have a school life. My teacher punched me in the head.”

Mesut Akusta explained his experiences during his childhood, when he had a brain hemorrhage, with the following words:

“When we finished primary school, we moved to Afyon, my mother’s hometown. When my father passed away, we moved from Afyon to Ankara. I started secondary school in Afyon. I had no school life, I had a brain hemorrhage when I was in secondary school; It was caused by our teacher punching me in the head… I first fall into a coma at school, they take me to the hospital, I seem fine, then I fall into a coma again at midnight. Doctors say, ‘There is nothing we can do here, you have to take me to Ankara’… They take me to Hacettepe University Hospital, Department of Brain Surgery, where I receive treatment…

I had to quit football, I couldn’t do anything, because I can’t get a blow to my brain for the rest of my life… Even when I shave at the barbershop, I watch my head, it’s a legacy of those years… My school years ended there… After moving to Ankara, I did a lot of work…”