The Uzak Şehrin Masalı series winks at the summit with its bomb-like cast!
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27 November 2022 09:08


The Uzak Şehrin Masalı series winks at the summit with its bomb-like cast!

25 Films is preparing a new TV series project. The most striking point in the project of 25 Film, the producer of the Kefaret series, which met with the audience on the Fox TV screen, is that the cast is composed of very remarkable names. Very important names are in the cast of this series and the attention will be on the Fox TV series.

The shooting of the series, whose leading actors are known and negotiations are still ongoing for the side characters, will take place in Kars. The fact that Aslıhan Güner is in the lead role of the series, which is known to have Istanbul scenes, is seen as an important plus. Although Güner was previously known for her feature films, she also entered the hearts of TV series viewers thanks to Kuzey Yıldızı.

ASLIHAN GÜNER… The actress, who gave a very good performance as a Karadeniz woman in the Kuzey Yıldızı, which lasted for 2 seasons, was born in Istanbul in 1987. Although Aslıhan Güner, who was from Sivas on her father’s side and Malatya on her mother’s side, she did not have a Karadeniz family, she acted the role of a karadeniz woman very successfully. .

The actress, who wore it like a dress on her role, has been very successful in making the audience laugh for 2 seasons on the screen… Now, Güner, who will appear in front of her fans with a drama series, will be in the spotlight again in the new season with the Uzak Şehrin Masalı.


Another important name in the series stands out as Barış Kılıç. The actor, who appeared on the screen last season with the character of Kaya in the Yasak Elma series, is a name that has already proven himself with both his charisma and acting ability.


You will watch Gonca Vuslateri as another important actress. Born in 1986, Vuslateri was frequently featured in television series for a while. However, she took a break from the screens for 3 years after the production of Tehlikeli Karım in 2018. The actress, who frequently appears in movies, is also in the team of a digital series called Sıcak Kafa. Gonca Vuslateri’s most remembered by the viewers is the characters of Eylem in the series Yalan Dünya and Şule in the series of Mother. Vusleteri, who has been on the sets since the beginning of the 2000s, will showcase her talents in the Uzak Şehrin Masalı.


Timur Acar, like the Good Family Man, will appear in drama this time after the comedy series. Acar has been known for his comedy roles since the TV series Akasya Durağı. However, the actor, who can successfully take part in drama productions as in the TV series Söz, will be another noteworthy name of the new season.

Another impressive name in the Uzak Şehrin Masalı draws our attention as Zeynep Eronat. Born in 1963, Eronat is a master actress and is memorable with her roles. Eronat, which we have watched in many TV series since the beginning of the 2000s, became memorable as Bedar in the TV series Sıla. In addition to her character Feraye in the Kapalıçarşı series, Mücella in the TV series O Hayat Benim was one of her well-known roles.


Zeynep Eronat, who participated as a guest in the latest Kırmızı Oda series, will showcase her talents for the Uzak Şehrin Masalı in the new season.

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