The viewers of Fox TV's new series, Gülümse Kaderine, have a great fear!
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5 October 2022 15:01


The viewers of Fox TV’s new series, Gülümse Kaderine, have a great fear!

The first episode of the TV series, “Gülümse Kaderine” (Smile Destiny), which was broadcast last week on Fox TV, will be screened tonight with its second episode. The series, which received very poor ratings with its first episode, was loved by the audience. However, viewers have a very big fear about the series.

The Gülümse Kaderine series starring Bahar Şahin and Sude Zülal Güler appeared before the audience with its first episode last week. The series was awaited with great excitement, especially as it brought Bahar Şahin back to the screen after a long hiatus, who fascinated the audience with her performance in the character of Ceren, which she portrayed in Zalim Istanbul (Cruel İstanbul).

The first episode of Gülümse Kaderine was loved by the audience. The series, which tells the story of two young girls who grew up in an orphanage, again with its intrigues and dangerous characters, gave the first signs that a great excitement awaits the audience in the following episodes. However, the ratings of the series were a complete disappointment.

The series, which ranked ninth in the category of all people with its first episode, finished the day in fifth place in the AB and fourth in ABC1. The ratings, which were below the average, caused a great fear to the audience, who loved the series very much. The reason is the possibility of an early final decision for Fox TV, which is known for its brutality, for Gülümse Kaderine. Because Fox TV is known for giving a chance to the badly rated series until the sixth episode. Viewers also express their fears through their social media posts.

But tonight, Gülümse Kaderine has a great opportunity to raise their ratings. Because the new episodes of Kuruluş Osman and Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful), the good TV series on Wednesdays, will not be on the screen tonight. There is no new episode of the TRT1 series called Kara Tahta (Blackboard). In this case, the square will be left to Gülümse Kaderine and Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk (Mother’s Secret is the Child) broadcast on TV8.

Produced by Avşar Film, Burcu Över wrote the story of the new series, produced by Şükrü Avşar. In tonight’s episode of the series directed by Aytaç Çiçek, the following will happen: Yaren and Eda, who left the dormitory, take their breath away in Istanbul.

Eda tells Yaren that a job application has been accepted. In fact, she allows them to settle in the workplace and house that belong to Fırat. While the girls are experiencing the excitement and happiness of starting a life in this house for the first time, Yaren learns that Eda lied to her, Eda and Yaren’s paths come to the point of separation.

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