The viral video shot by Kerem Bürsin in Spain became the agenda in the country!
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4 February 2023 18:18


The viral video shot by Kerem Bürsin in Spain became the agenda in the country!

The Spanish admiration for Kerem Bürsin is legendary. Kerem Bürsin, who has become one of the most famous names in the country, is constantly putting his signature under a new project in this country. He made his last project with one of Spain’s most famous comedians. The video created a big agenda in the country.

After the worldwide success of the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı” (Love is in the Air), Kerem Bürsin’s rise in the international arena continues. Kerem Bürsin, who has gained a great reputation especially in Spain and Latin American countries, comes to the fore with his new projects. Kerem Bürsin has recently signed a viral video in Spain.

The viral video actually belongs to one of Spain’s most famous comedians, Paz Padilla. Kerem Bürsin was also a guest of the video chain. The viral video series produced in collaboration with a Spanish brand is about Paz Padilla’s city tour with her daughter.

The last of the video series takes place in the city of Vigo. Paz Padilla is talking to Kerem Bürsin, the driver of a car on the road. Padilla asks Kerem Bürsin where he came from. When Bürsin’s answer is “from Turkey”, the comedian says “Your face looks very familiar to me”. Then Kerem Bürsin walks away smiling.

This viral video of Paz Padilla and Kerem Bürsin created a big agenda throughout Spain. While the video had a wide coverage in the Spanish press, it was shared on social media. Kerem Bürsin’s fans shared positive messages about the video on social media.

Kerem Bürsin has been in a very close relationship with Spain in recent months. The successful actor, who frequently goes to the country and participates in events, will sign new projects in the country in the coming days. Kerem Bürsin still continues to learn Spanish in order to realize his projects in the country more easily.

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