Artists News The whole burden will be on Pınar Deniz’s shoulders in the third new season of the Yargı series!

The whole burden will be on Pınar Deniz’s shoulders in the third new season of the Yargı series!


The third season of the Yargı (Judgment) series, which passed the first two seasons very successfully, has already begun to be curious. With the 63rd episode aired on Sunday, May 7, the second season of the Yargı series was left behind.

The series, starring Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz duo, has a very impressive story. Screenwriter Sema Ergenekon compares the audience with events full of surprises every week, and this has kept the series on the agenda from the very beginning to this period. In the third season of the Yargı series, which also achieved very good ratings, a fluent story will be waiting for millions of viewers.

Pınar Deniz, on the other hand, has to be the bearer of the story with the character of Ceylin in the new season. Because it is not known what the character of Ilgaz will be in the story from now on. It all depends on what Sema Ergenekon will do, but there is another fact that the third season will be built entirely on Ceylin.

So what does Pınar Deniz think? The actress said, “Since it first started, the story of the Yargı has always been on top of it. Our 2nd season also started very strong, thanks to Sema’s pen, we read and played every episode with excitement. On behalf of Ceylin, I think it was a season in which she experienced many emotions together and felt that she was getting bigger. It was a very enjoyable season for me,” she said.

Emphasizing that they work with a very good team, the famous actress describes this situation as a great chance for her. The actress said, “It is a great chance for me to be working with this team. I would like to once again thank everyone who contributed,” she said.

What will happen in the third season? Pınar Deniz also asks this question that everyone is curious about. The actress said, “Who knows what we will experience in the new season, I am looking forward to the day when I will get my hands on the first episode of the 3rd season. We’re about to meet again soon,” she said.